What is horse leasing?   A no risk way of enjoying horse ownership.  Different lease packages offer you exclusive use of the horse and equipment for different purposes and durations.

How will leasing benefit me?   Leasing a horse will give students more saddle time, to develop and refine their skills, work on improving their equitation and focus on specific goals.  As students will be assigned an individual horse there will be a significant opportunity to develop a true partnership.

 Who can lease?   Leasing is available to all riders that are at the jumping level.

What are my responsibilities if I lease?   Students that lease are responsible for exercising their horses, keeping their horses properly groomed and keeping their tack in good care. Coaches will develop a customized exercise and practice schedule with specific rider development objectives in mind.

 Leasing a horse allows students to have the full experience of owning a horse and be able to take their riding to the next level,  all without the high initial costs or risks of purchasing a horse. 

Horse Lease Information Package

The Pickering Horse Centre offers three lease packages.  The  horse lease options are a great opportunity for students to try leasing for a shorter period of time at a set cost. These leases are offered at a flat rate and are available for a minimum of a three month period.  The show lease option is ideal for riders that want to step into the show ring without the long term commitment and cost of owning their own horse.  All school horses are available for leasing.


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