The Rider Level Testing is based on the Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride Program.  This program is for students who wish to learn safe horsemanship skills and practices.  The purpose of the program is to produce well-rounded horsemen, who are able to care for and ride their horse in a correct and safe manner.  To prepare for the testing students participate in monthly clinics at PHC to ensure that they have the skills needed for their level in both riding and stable management.  Our Rider Level Testing program is offered within the months of October to March.

This is an excellent program for students to participate in and allows them to set clearly defined goals for reaching the next level in their riding and horsemanship skills. Workshops and clinics are scheduled with our Horsemanship Club  BROCHURE

Please note: All students must be a current member of the Ontario Equestrian Federations to be evaluated for the Equestrian Canada Learn To Ride Levels.  Click HERE for more information.

2016/2017 THEORY DATES

  • Sunday October 9th, 2016   (Rider 1-3)  12-3pm
  • Sunday October 23rd, 2016 (Rider 4-6) 1-3pm
  • Sunday November 6th, 2016     (Rider 1-3) 12-3pm
  • Sunday November 20th, 2016   (Rider 4-6) 1-3pm
  • Sunday January 22nd, 2017   (Rider 1-6) 1-3pm
  • Sunday February 5th, 2017   (Rider 1-3) 12-3pm
  • Sunday February 19th, 2017   (Rider 4-6) 1-3pm
  • Sunday March 5th, 2017  STUDY SESSIONS  (Rider 1-6)                                                       TIMES: Rider 1&2 9-10:30am,  Rider 3 10:30-12pm, Rider 4 12-1:30pm, Rider 5&6 1:30-3pm

2016/2017 RIDING DATES

  • Sunday November 6th 2016- Private Lessons
  • Sunday January 8th, 2017 – Practice Ride
  • Sunday February 19th, 2017 – Gymnastics
  • Sunday April 23rd, 2017 – Flat Test Ride

TIMES: To be emailed out closer to the date


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